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NEW Beginnings Computer Training

Providing Hoosiers the hands on computer training to launch a new career, grow their careers, or make a change.

Fueling Indiana’s Tech Boom

New Beginnings Computer Training prepares you for today’s high-growth IT jobs. PLUS, we’re an authorized Next Level Jobs training provider, so your training could be free. 


Indiana is experiencing a massive surge in demand for skilled IT professionals. Whether you recently graduated from high school or you’re looking to make a career change, New Beginnings Computer Training can help prepare you for a career in this growing and rewarding field.

Through our hands-on vocational training, you’ll have all the experience you need to transition confidently into the workforce within as little as four months. Plus, with Indiana’s Next Level Jobs program, qualified students can enroll in computer training and have it fully paid for through the Workforce Ready Grant.

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Vanessa Martinez, a happy young New Beginnings CompTIA A+ graduate

"I enjoy the small class size… and the four-hour classes and 10-week program can’t be beat!"

Vanessa Martinez
CompTIA A+ Graduate
Indianapolis, IN

Program Spotlight: Network CyberSecurity Training

New Beginnings' Network CyberSecurity Technician training program provides students with the skills and know-how they need for a successful career in this high-growth field.A certified Network CyberSecurity Technician is one of the fastest-growing IT jobs in the nation. It is estimated that one in every three companies has experienced a breach of their network, and these breaches are growing every year! This need has created a demand for those trained in network administration, router security, and intrusion prevention. The projected job growth is estimated at over 95% in the next five to ten years, far exceeding the available workforce.

NBCT’s Network CyberSecurity Training is designed to prepare even those who are new to the world of IT for a high-paying job in Network Security. This training gives participants the skill and know-how to guard electronic data, computer systems, and networks against attacks and breaches. Trainees complete this program in one year and receive four (4) industry-recognized CompTIA Certifications. These certifications are accepted worldwide and are sought after by top employers and IT professionals alike.

Programs and Benefits

Train for Indiana’s in-demand IT jobs in as little as 10 weeks.

Information Technology

IT student getting hands-on vocational IT training replacing computer CPU components

New Beginnings will train you for the PC Technician career you want. Build, optimize, diagnose, secure, network and repair like a pro!



The best way to become familiar with the hardware that makes information technology function is through hands-on training. At our training center this is exactly what we provide for our students in a safe and comfortable environment.


New Beginnings can help you prepare for a technician job in the IT sector by teaching you the ins-and-outs of computers, servers, and other integral equipment in use today within Indiana’s fastest growing businesses. You’ll be trained to build, repair, and diagnose like a confident, seasoned pro.

Hands-On Training

Female IT programming student practicing JAVA programing.

New Beginnings will provide you the hands-on experience and industry recognized certifications needed to land that in-demand higher paying job in tech.



New Beginnings programs offer the practical hands-on training employers seek. You will have access to real life simulations and lots of exercises. You will have the opportunity to DO tasks, not just learn about them. This experience is important and very sought-after by today’s employers.


Don’t wait to start building your professional skills, experience and resumé. NBCT’s hands-on programs and certifications will get you noticed by employers. And these certifications not only get you hired, but also boost your earnings! In fact, a certificate can provide you, on average, 35% higher earnings!

Business Software

Student confidently completing Microsoft business software certificate.

New Beginnings will provide the training you need for a fantastic future in the world of business. Become indispensable, master spreadsheet, document, and report creation.



Businesses are the driving force behind the growing demand for a tech-savvy workforce, and New Beginnings will provide you with the training needed for a bright future in a wide variety of industries.


Our business software training as a Certified Microsoft Office Professional equips you with indispensable skills that will make you a valuable asset to employers. These versatile capabilities can help fuel your professional growth for years to come. Find out how to get the training and certification to land a higher-paying position today!

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Free Training

Indiana residents can qualify for free training through Indiana’s Workforce Ready Grant or one of more than 20 other sources of tuition assistance.

US Veterans and those in active service can qualify for free training and a monthly stipend while in training through the GI Bill® (Chapter 33) benefits or Veteran’s Readiness benefits (Chapter 31).  


At New Beginnings, we understand that tuition costs can be an obstacle to some students. That is why we work hard to match students with the best available funding programs that can pay for some or all of the training.

New Beginnings is an Authorized training provider with Indiana’s Next Level Jobs and The US Department of Veterans Affairs. We have experts to help you complete the necessary paperwork to qualify.

If you think you might not qualify for these programs, don’t be discouraged. We let us help you determine if you can connect with assistance available through one of the other sources of tuition assistance available through state, federal, and private programs. Click and complete the short form to learn about other options!

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Andrew attending on-line CompTIA A+ class on his laptop, at home.

“This certification allowed me new job opportunities that enhanced my professional life.”

Andrew Arvo
CompTIA A+ Certified Graduate
Indianapolis, IN

What Makes Us Different

At New Beginnings, we provide class sizes that make learning fun, schedules that fit your life, and placement support to land a job in IT. 


We’ve designed our programs to help ensure your success. Here are some ways we stand apart:

    • Smaller class sizes: Our student to instructor ratio never exceeds 1:10, giving participants a more personalized and intimate learning environment.


    • Flexible schedules and online options: With various program times throughout the day, online and hybrid (mix of in-class and on-line) options, we make it easier for students to complete a program around their other obligations.


    • Workforce Ready Grant: As an authorized Next Level Jobs training provider, we can help qualified students get free computer training through Indiana’s Workforce Ready Grant.


    • Hands-on training: With our hands-on vocational training, you get real-world experience and can be ready to go from student to worker in as little as 10 weeks.

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Small class sizes

Flexible schedules

Fast training

Job placement support


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Our Commitment

New Beginnings is committed to your success. We provide not only top quality training programs, but also the support you need to land a job in Indiana’s fast growing IT job market.  


New Beginnings is dedicated to the success of all our students. With high-quality training, intimate classroom sizes, widely-recognized accreditation, and job placement support, we offer students the best opportunity to thrive in today’s job market.

Our dedication to you does not stop after graduation. All students receive post-graduation assistance in the form of lifetime career support and job placement services. As a graduate of New Beginnings, you will always have someone in your corner helping you achieve more.

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