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VRRAP VA Program: Cyber Security Training for Veterans

Increase Your Earning — Launch a New Career

VRRAP VA Program
Cyber Security Training
for Veterans

Has COVID left you unemployed or rethinking your job and career?
Do you want practical training mastering skills that are in-demand?
Are you ready for a higher-paying career in a growing field?

You could get free Cyber Security Training for veterans and a free housing stipend under the new VRRAP program (Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program). This is a limited-time program that just launched, so there’s still time for you to gain access.

New Beginnings Computer Training offers HANDS-ON, real-world Cyber Security Training for veterans. This is a 50-week program that will fully train you for a career in Cyber Security. You can get cyber security training on-campus in Indianapolis, IN. Focus on real-life skills that will make you ready to serve in companies around the world.

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Andrew attending on-line CompTIA A+ class on his laptop, at home.

“This certification allowed me new job opportunities that enhanced my professional life.”

Andrew Arvo
CompTIA A+ Certified Graduate
Indianapolis, IN


Why choose NBCT for your Cyber Security Training?

You’ll finish in less than a year. NBCT is not a multi-year college program. Instead, we provide a rapid-training program that takes less than a year to complete. You are NOT required to take math, writing, history, and other elective courses. Finish in just 50 weeks and be ready for the job market!

You’ll get HANDS-ON training that really matters. In the NBCT program, you don’t just pass certifications and learn information. We use simulators and lots of exercises so that you get to DO cyber security tasks, not just learn about them. This experience is important and very attractive to potential employers.

You’ll focus on information that’s important to employers. Get training from industry professionals. Receive focused, comprehensive training on protecting computer systems and networks, securing hardware, software, or electronic data, guarding them from theft, damage or service disruption, and much more!

Your Cyber Security Training could be FREE through the VRRAP program. Start today by completing this quick form to find out if you qualify for free training from NBCT!

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New Beginnings Computer Training is an Approved VRRAP Educational Institution
according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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